Rockets Fall On Sderot Chanukah 5768


This is no day for a poem
Rage and rain and mud
Darkness covers the earth
Our haters multiply their weapons
Rockets and bombs fall upon us
We hide
Waiting for the right moment
To strike.

Will it ever end
The hatred
The cruelty
The endless effort to destroy us?

Rockets at random terrorize
The children and the poor
Nights are not nights
And days are not days
When death and destruction
Can come at any time.

We are an old people
Long longing for peace
And our enemies multiply
And their weapons also
And hate is their breakfast and their dinner
And destruction is their main food.

And we alone as always alone
We the alone people
Waiting to make one more small strike
Against their leaders,
In a war against hatred and haters
which makes no promise
now or ever
Of ever truly ending.

by Shalom Freedman

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