KC ( / McCloud, CA, USA)

Rocking Chair Faith

Stand up for God in these troubled times and calm the raging
winds as America has fallen forgive her of her sin.
With open arms I come to thee with heavy heart deliver me.
As a yellow rose of faith, as a believer before you God I'm
reminded of your love as too many think that's odd and undone.
Tree of pain I see as many have lost sight of you but I remember
the blood and why it came out of you?
Sinful man that I am nothing can I do?
Forgive me Father when I sin and hold me close to you.
Yellow rose of faith fill me with your love as I am so thankful
for God's undying love.
Sweet peace of praise, lost soldier of sin God wants to fill
you up and set you free within.
Yellow rose of peace, love within my soul, stagger not at the
promises of God? for they shall make you whole?
Lonely man of sin so broken and so blue if you turn to God he'll
take care of you.
When I came to God I was just what I was a lonely man of sin
broken and unloved.
Like the snow without the mountain? the baby without the cry?
if you don't ask him in you will surely die.

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