Rocking Horse

Rocking horse under the tree
a new doll for baby and me.
A wind up train for Bobby,
a shinny bike for Georgie.
Stockings filled with goodies,
nuts and fruit.
Wool gloves and scarf's,
to keep us warm.
These memories of Christmas'
down on the farm.
Jumped out of bed trying
to stay calm.
It had snowed, an exciting
Christmas morn.
Santa should have brought,
another sled.
Daddy has the answer,
he put me in a tub instead.
Down the hill with no way
to steer, oh dear.
Believe it or not I wasn't hurt
as that tub came to a stop.
It glided into the yard,
with me on the top.
I decided it would be safer,
to go back inside.
Riding the rocking horse,
and singing my dolly a lullaby.

by Helen J. Jarvis

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