Rocking In Their Chairs

What is clear,
That many young people should understand...
To eventually comprehend,
Are those much older with minds molding...
And rocking in their chairs to face West,
Will soon see their last Sunset.

And having patience is key,
Until these old folks finally leave...
With the past they have attempted to stop,
As they rock reminiscing...
An East forgotten to remember fresh dawns,
To block a future impatiently waiting,
For younger minds knowing....
How fast these times are moving on.
With it known what it means...
That a holding onto what has gone,
Will not prevent it from existing.

So many who do grow old...
Will do their best,
Not to step aside.
Or prepare the younger people,
To appreciate what it takes...
Handing over a baton with grace and gratefulness.
But will instead....
Talk about the value of standards,
Romanced to enhance in museum exhibits.
Even their beloved ancestors,
Refused lives to live that way feeling limited.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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