ND (28 July 1988 / South Africa)

Rocks And Pillows

This is the way it was when I was waiting for your eyes to find me

I was going nowhere slowly


Always bemused by the sunshine


Singing back to the birds in trees

Playing in the rain

I thought the night sky could save me

I wanted the live amongst the stars

It vastness\ emptiness

All too familiar to my mind and me

I cried sometimes too

I loved every soul that I thought pretty

Every kindred spirit that had caught my eye in the on coming crowd

So be gentle with me new love

Treat me gently

There have been many who could not understand

So many have come and gone

So give me the love that rest so timidly in your eyes

And give it gently

I have learnt to move forth with caution

Not to profess my heart to others to soon

But my wounds are still raw

(I have learnt to open up

And allow the pain to come at its own speed

Proving to me that I am still alive)

I dont want to do this (world) alone

Will you be my rock?

At night

When the stars are most comforting

I shall be your pillow

by nawaal daniels

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