I Don'T Know What To Write

I don't know what to write
I don't know what to say
It usually comes to me when I turn on the light
But not today 

I don't know if I should talk about what I did yesterday 
Or talk about the way you told me you didn't want to stay 
Or maybe I should mention that you dumped me in the rudest way 

But I don't know whats right anymore
I don't know what to live for 

Should I turn of this light 
That lightens up my night

Maybe I Should dropp this black pen 
That you gave me Ben 
The one that helps me write 
Even when I feel all uptight 

Maybe I should switch my hobby 
Maybe I could go smoke in the lobby 

But maybe I shouldn't 
What if I couldn't 

Writings my life
I'm done with that knife

I do what I do
Not just for you
I think of me too

So I won't give up
I'll put down this cup

I'll try it again
Thank you Ben

by Jennifer Alejandra

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