KB (01-09-86 / D.C.)

Roles 99

Shadows of day, whispers of night, for what I say
I am honest, I am contrite
I miss the heat of the sun and the moon's healing fingers
for where I am now nothing of light lingers
I am searching in a sea of scars for the pieces of my broken heart
I pay the toal and remove them from my bleeding soul
I strive but I know, this will happen again
I'll give it all to be tossed overboard drown in tears until there are no more.
I'll crash and cocoon my soul in a sharded blanket of shattered dreams, and scream just loud enough, so no one can hear me
When my passion dies into coals and all my secrets
the world won't know
chained to unmet expectations and this relentless hole
Then I'll pick up a new mask for todays show, because
no one has been able to open the rose.
It was right there before their eyes burning in faith and fire,
still half wild.
No one saw it, nourished it, or saw my true desire.
So I am back in the cold no where to go but to the stage
in this scrutinizing show.
My soul caged, my heart but a narrow ledge around a taunting hole.
My mind all that is left to play this world's sadistic role.

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