(March 2nd,1984 / USA)

Roller Coaster Summer

no wonder all the young men & women would
flock to the roller coasters in the early summer,
as the crocuses are blooming and the tulips are
peaking open their petals.

no wonder they would eagerly board the seats
tightening the cross strap
and securing the belt;

their faces elated in anticipation—
to mount the series of ups & downs
the jolts and turns
as the sublime shape hurls thru space.

the eager suspense of the car
as it climbs to the top of the launch-off
position, yielding ever so effortlessly on cue..

Yes. no wonder they emerged from their seats
panting with pure energy and
fired for the next round
—five, six, seven times in one day!

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Comments (3)

Got quite a thrill reading this - I adore a roller coaster, but they've shut down the only amusement park near here that had one - in fact, they had several. And of course the ups and downs of our own moods are part of the excitement of life - and reading your poetry is exciting. One never knows what mood one will encounter there. I keep coming back. Always a thrill.
To see the similarity in things-the poet's eye-brings new things-as seen here.
the top of the launch-off, GREAT LINE.....................NICE POEM..