Rolling Memory!

Sitting in the black G8 packed like Bulls playoff games, I get eager as I hear the screams of people sounding as if they were in pain, I arrive at the place I never been before, GREAT AMERICA, and when I entered the huge place I begin to smell funnel cakes and hot churros. I begin to jump around in excitement like a 3 year old that’s supped up off a bucket of halloween candy. I could see huge rides and people’s pride of riding some of the scariest roller coasters ever and also them having good family fun with laughs. The first ride that I had on my list was the superman ride. As the ride had me dangling and it begun to rise to a very high level, I beginned to taste something I haven’t tasted in a long time, FRESH AIR but less than 3 seconds it was tooken away by the dropp I never expected to be expected in any world. And now as I’m done riding all the rides in the park I headed to the water park section, in which the walk seemed so far but at the moment I wasn’t complaining about the walking distance because I have had a great time up to the moment but when I made it and changed into my swimsuit the 60ft tornado had a long line but I had no concerns so I just stood in line watching the water slide suspend over my head like a hungry scavenger. Slowly the line begin to get shorter and shorter up to my chance when I barely coward out until I was talked into going and when I went the ride seemed smooth until the end of the tunnel begin to showing and I thought about panicking thinking that I was about to fall off the ride until the tunnel dropped me into a part with the water pushing my tube from side to side, my mood gets calm as I reached the end of the ride where I fell of my tube and landed into a 3ft pool in surprise. I rode the rest of the rides and left the water park to watch the ending parade, I saw bugs bunny, Elmer fud, and the thing that shoots the grenades. As I gather back with my family and left Great America I was told we were going again so I knew I had to mark down my schedule. Overall I would persuade people to go they have rides, games with prizes, and a big water park with big boats. 3 months to go and I’ll go back to six flags to win the games, watch the parade and go on the rides.

By: Demond Birden

by demond birden

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