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Roma Colosseo Shot Glass (In 1st Person)

I didn’t live in Rome to watch the tourists pass by.
I stood there, a model for the world to adore.
My slender body, oh, with such curves.
My golden lips, my make-up turning heads.
I was a show piece.

I didn’t model in Rome for nothing and move
to Arizona to babysit some drunken catholic kid.
I didn’t keep this picture perfect figure
just to watch him starve himself, and lie about it.
It’s been a long year of this.

I didn’t wait for him to come home every night
or worry about him waking up in the morning.
I didn’t watch the drunken stumble of his,
passing out where his friends won’t find him again.
It took some getting used to.

I didn’t walk out on him, like those woman did
so many times, I have heard about them all.
I didn’t like the way we danced and kissed.
The next morning with his away turned eyes,
as if he was ashamed.

I didn’t like her taking him away from me.
Her voice smoking cigarettes,
telling him to replace me with those sticks.
I didn’t like the way she kept us apart.
And I missed what we had.

I didn’t hold out on those Roman boys
to collect dust next to his past relationships.
I didn’t lose my beauty in the washing machine.
to come out on holidays and drink with her.
I don’t want to fade anymore.

I didn’t walk away from Rome just to be tossed aside.
I came to dance and kiss, to be loved.
I didn’t stay locked away until she was finally gone
for nothing.
I came to dance and kiss, to be loved.

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'Her voice smoking cigarettes' great line. I want to go to Rome now.