Yes it's true, this soul believes in romance...the first kiss as well as to the last dance

A path of rose pedals on the floor...she's the special one, not another whore

Bath filled with the bubbles and scent...candles melting, as it is meant

Flowers in hand and a love in the heart...we come together as one, that's the start

Do I dare sing my love outloud like a fool? ...true romance is one they should of taught in school

Lay my beauty on the bed...on my chest you can rest your weary head

Barry White tune playing in the distance...my love for thee, has so much persistence

Wonderous magick, two souls become one...hold on love, we are not done

Years may flow by and believe in what I say...day number three thousand, will be the same as the first day

Stronger by then thru the years of time...light and love flows thru this rhyme

Dinner show and a midnight matinee in town...enough love to last many another round

Wear your best dress, the one that pleases...no more lies, hurts, or even teases

On that night as in the first, let go of the worry...we have a lifetime together, no need to hurry

Our bodies may wrinkle and bones may crack...love is strong as it was way, way back

Final resting place is calling on us...to the gate we go in the magical mystery bus

As they lay us on our final bed...hand in hand, on my chest will forever rest your weary head

by Dave Shemeley

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