Its Your 6 Months

Conglomeration of folks, showers of bliss
mound of gifts pour,
where you are the cynosure.

All to be written on your first page
for You have crossed half the path
of your first integral age.

by Anish Debnath

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To put away reality even for few moments makes those moments so romantic. Lovely poem.
Perfection in word choice arrangement and imagery, ardent in the expression of love lust desire and the need for two souls to embrace, and taste the fruits of love savoured full and ripe; yet brilliant in the turn of admitting this depth of love and needed physical fulfilment and completion is transitory; we cannot sustain this paradise of sated feelings emotions satisfied completion indefinitely, reality with all its demands and restrictions will reclaim us, but a night of absolute bliss though rare, often but for a season is precious priceless and worth the pursuit if attained.
Awesome write Poem is completed
Aww. Reality written wonderfully well
So true; slightly heartbreaking.
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