I want not to hear more stories,
i just want to tell the story of my own.
I want not to watch romantic movies,
i just want to live the romance of my own.
Tell me why do i have to let you go,
why do i have to dream else where?
Tell me how can i when i love you so,
when life without you i can't bare.
I have this feeling for you in me,
and i have never felt it before.
I know i'm in love with you,
but that i can do, i can't do more...
Can you help me with that,
can you change my life and be my destiny?
Do you care to be the one,
will you wait to see all the love inside me?
Are you the one to share with a romance,
will i stay in your arms till the end of my life?
Will you hold my hand through our first dance,
will i carry your name and become your wife?
I have a dream of you in my mind always,
i sleep to dream of you, i wake up to think of you.
Do i have to let go of that through the days,
i have to know before it's too late or it's through...

by Eman Awad

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