A sight of that looks
against that flair of awareness,
thinking, if only?
Oh! Forget it.

But if only, I could
diminish. Oh! She looks
so beautiful.
Wish I never withdrew.

My Heart seems it’s trotting.
Should I?
What if I am answered, No.
It’s disappointing.

Hey! We have collided,
her eyes.
Though just for a flick,
they look majestic.

I ask myself, did she?
I look at myself,
why would she think?
A creature, like me.

She laughs, I wonder, though
I don't want a debate but
if only i could see a smile
on her laughter.

I dream, a queer
imagination. Her arms enfolded,
her tender caress,
a cute feeling.

If only I could, break
my silence. For an instance
I even dare. Where is, thou

Seems, that my interest
has deepened,
I push back my mind,
obviously, its natural.

But if only my heart,
heaven forbid.
Could bare, my dreams
all scattered.

A thought, that brought in
a strong dissatisfaction.
Maybe this is what, I have
in my share.

Oh! now comes the
sad part.
the moments gone.
Alone, I start to wonder.

The mind has started to
If only I had................
How would it be?

Although, I have
a doubt, but
what if, I only.....
I again start to wonder.

Without pause nor
the end,
it goes on and on. A moment
lived forever.

I start weaving,
and then I look back.
Her joyful grace, enfolded
on every knot.

She ain't with me.
So what?
I am asking you,
disapponted? Not me.

I lived the moment.
Its mine.
Now and forever.
Its Lovely.

by Alex David

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