DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Romance And Her Eternal Dream.

Skies of azure have faded in the wake of a crimson shade.
The horizon melts within a state of conversion with the
Limits of a cloudless realm. The stars are turning in their
Constellations, the stars are shining without reservation.
Preserving the beauty of a blanket and cloudless realm.
Here I am, here I remain as ever unsteady at the helm,
As Poseidon whips the waves into a fury of eternal depth.
The void awaits, blissful slumbers within the abyss are calling,
Tempting us to fall, Love leads us towards the strength of our
Unknowing, into the river of our flowing we are to step,
Unafraid into the stream of Romance and her eternal dream.
Only clouds of cotton candy innocence are to roam here,
Only tears of joy are to fall and never those of fear and though
Through the years we may grow tired and we may grow weary
Of constantly trying to ascertain a truth beyond compare
We are to appreciate the fact that we are here
We are to appreciate the fact that we were there to make the
Mistakes we now regret, those same mistakes we must never
Forget if we hope to ever learn from past confusion.
Seek your fusion with the Mind at Large, seek your unison
With the womb of all experience ignoring the malicious spirits
That would misguide you upon your journey.

Upon some ancient railway line I awaited the silent train
Many passed each other before my eyes yet I was unable
To move whilst the opportunity was there to board as
Though a some spirit wind held my body limp against the wall,
An elongated Oboe was laid by feet, yet I did not consider to play.
Upon the other side of the tracks was the memory of a girl
Calling out to me, yet she remained a shadow unknown as
Green pastures of a deep emerald shade beckoned beyond
The boundaries of the tunnel, still I was unable to move,
Unable to speak, unable to reach out as though my will
Itself was weakened in a state of pure anxiety. Eventually
Came some old fashioned automobile running bound upon the tracks,
Bound to the destination of the trains that I had missed,
He who seemed the oldest, adorned in a flopping feathered hat
Spoke gentle words in favour of my joining him upon his journey,
A toothless smile which should have threatened seemed almost familiar
And so I embarked, able to move in everyway, able to speak my
Mind to this toothless sage and his companion bearing a mask of shadows.

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Maya Angelou

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