Romantic Nature

Poets are of romantic nature
They see beautiful colors of future
Every object seems of unique importance
They can’t stop from praising at once

Poet means an animal living in isolation
Keeps aloof from crowd and prefers no relation
Such is vague idea about serious poet
As he will prefer to remain always quiet

No one can live in vacuum
It is wrong on our part to assume
It can’t be minus or plus of sum
It is nature and tendency of some

As is well known to all
No one can resist opposite sex call
The nature is all set to balance
No one can dare to or come out of it at once

One of my female friends asked me of bad friends
How come anybody be sure of prevailing mood in the end?
It can be anybody’s guess if one is pulled with attraction
How can it be found in any of the expression?

She was considerate and very appreciative
One can’t be choosey or selective
It is how you evaluate or come to the terms
It like spreading of disease with germs

I posed a question whether she really wanted friends?
What was her mind acting with clear trend/
She was for all good friends with clear motives
I thought she was nice lady and very positive

But if I prefer to speak on myself
I would say I can’t think or help
As I am of romantic nature
And I want commitment very sure

It can’t depend on somebody’s mood
As poetry is my creation and food
I would starve if someone blocks my mind
Fills with hatred and acts as unkind

I would consciously ask straight
As I have no passion even for minute to wait
I believe it is not one way feeling
It must come instant and as willing

Some of them may say they won’t mind frankness
It should be expressed and talked on face
I would love those arguments for healthy relation
As it may not later on raise unnecessary questions

I provoke friends till get satisfactory answer
The honest answer may come from very fewer
Some may intelligently scoff off at even suggestion
I take pride in putting or making frank mention

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Poets are of romantic nature They see beautiful colors of future