Romantically Me

i got a lot of
poetic ways
a lot of poetic sayings
i got some real rhymin'
some small and
some real tall
some that really flows
others who knows

some say i live
a poetic life
that's 'cause i
ain't nobody's wife
see, i got married once
but the poor man
didn't stand a chance
as quite truthfully
i was already
married to my pc
driven to write
my poetry

i got poetry
i got lots to pen
still more to see
get inspired even
in my dreams
'cause i eat, sleep
and breathe poetry
'cause i'm living
my dream
i got to be heard
through the written word
it's a need in me

i got to say
if i couldn't write
with passion
i wouldn't write
at all but
what i say i mean
to say and this all
came to me
straight from my heart
a little experimental poetry
it doesn't always rhyme still
it's really real
and most of all
it's romantically me

by Faith Elizabeth Brigham

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