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Romeo And Juliet Nowdays May Keep Alive

Romeo and Juliet
Loved each other much
But for their family's sake,
Kept out of touch.

Unfulfilled love
Day by day grown
No life lost in vain
Nobody had a grieving big pain.

... time away... Quite a while after
Romeo and Juliet would meet again
And some tea with no sugar
Happily shared.

Over a hundred pictures, (family stuff)
They talked, cried, and laughed.
It looked like
Were having the most happy time
Of their entire life!

But time's running fast
Day almost fades
To drive her back home
Her granddaughter came.

With tears in eyes
A kiss on one cheek
Few hugs and good byes
Both trying hard not to cry.

With a last glance at his sparkling eyes
She Gently touched his cheek
Then, mistakenly like,
Runned out with his walking stick.

Not much time to pass
From this world, ready to depart
With one of her last breath
She asked for the cane.

Her hand clenched on cane
Embraced it and asked
To be kept by her side
In the grave.

Then kissed good bye
All family: one by one
And last, with a smile,
..The Cane.

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Addition: A 10 Full Score for this fantastic poem.
I am happy to read that Romeo and Julia have been living and loving each other though. I am mesmerized by your excellent ideas in the poem. Once again CONGRATULATIONS, dear Elena, I love you for being here. I am always supporting you, though you don´t see me often, but I know that you are here.Thank you for this most beautiful poem
The Time YOU won the Member Poem Of The Day, I was not active yet here. I did not know the way how to LOGIN to give responses. Indeed, Poem Hunter was for me a study apart to be well known with the rules. But I still wish to say CONGRATULATIONS to you, dear Elena. I am happy that you are on PH now.A sublimest poem, dear Elena!
Loving pairs are certainly victim of society but they are all alive till the creation of life. Thanks for sharing. Regards.
I missed it as Poem Of The Day, so Belated Congrats, Elena! I can readily see why you were bestowed such an honour. This is a very clever and innovative modern take on a tragic love story. Excellent write! Thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Bravo tenfold! ! !
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