Romeo & Juliet

My dear Montague...
I, young Capulet, yearn for you...
How love doth make the heart soft!
O Romeo! Let us escape from this deathly loft.

Quarreling families mean nothing.
For this, my love, is our beginning.
Your lips, two blushing pilgrims they may be;
They are the lips that have power over me...

Banished from each other is in no way sublime.
I swear we shall reunite in due time.
And to think! I am Capulet turned Montague!
So why haven't our family brawls ceased through?

O Romeo, take thine hand in mine.
Let our love be like our fingers which intertwine.
Our love, dear Romeo, will always stay true.
For I, Juliet Montague, will forever love you.

by Isabella Night

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Ha, copywrite fringement....but seriously good excerpt from a great story.