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Ronald Reagan
DG (November 21,1985 - July 29,2037 / Escanaba)

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan you were really old.
Then you died.
Nancy cried... Or so I was Told.
It almost took a week to bury you.
Were they waiting for you to rot?
We love you Ron,
A lot

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Yes, we love you Ronnie. We love you for claiming that trees cause pollution. We love you for calling catsup a vegetable. We love you for not recognizing your own Housing Secretary in a meeting of mayors. We love you for your folksy tangential anecdotes that superceded emirical findings in formulating policy. We love you for claiming you could simultaneously cut income taxes, increase the military spending, and balance the budget. We love you for the resulting budget deficits, the largest under any U.S. president other than the current one.