Room For Improvement.

Quite frankly, I have to admit.
My poetry is badly in need of improvement.
Spell checking and grammar is very necessary,
for poems filled with typographical, spelling,
and grammatical mistakes.

Reviewing and editing my poems
on this website, does not always
set the record straight.

Sometimes necessary online revisions equal unequal lines.
A few times I have been able to work around it.
Other times, I have let the unapproved revisions sick.

I have proclaimed I am merely trying to preserve
my poetic legacy. It is not true, I am
only seeking to preserve my own vanity.

Verbally beating myself up on this poetic site.
Hoping and praying things will turn out to be alright.
Jesus Christ is the LORD and savior of my everlasting life.

by Roxanne Dubarry

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