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(14th January 1962 / Balarampur Village in the District of Purulia in West Bengal.)



And after long many days,
I met with Rooma, the girl ~
maroon saree, deep blue cardigan, scarlet slippers.

In the late afternoon sun
her face looked a pomegranate blossom,
lingering crimson of evening sky
reflected from her dense pool of wispy hair.
I wished to touch the light dot mark
at the junction of her eyebrow horizons
~ after long many days.

I've travelled a thousand light years
gazing at her face
and wandered among many dream islands
till the end of my blind cruise.

Yet as I hold that ultimate art form
delicately in my plms.
I feel a crying beggar within mek,
blinded as it I
haven't yet seen the slightest of her
limitless beauty, inconceivable artistry
so unfathomable...........as it
the ocean of her blue eyes
has flooded my intellect away.

tr: kamalesh bandopadhyay

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Comments (2)

lucky Rooma a romantic cruise? good write anjali
So that's what happened! Blue eyes will do that to some people. H