SS (4/15/1990 / albany, ny)


They say you can have roots and fly
But I'm just getting mixed
Because the pieces to the puzzle
That I thought I had
Don't fit.
And my heart is off my sleeve
But I still can't get it fixed.
And somehow now in the show
You've become what I can't quit.

But the faces aren't mine
And the people move too fast
I can't grab onto my future
When I'm seeking for a past.
All I ask is just one blast
I'm not begging to recast
All I want is plain and simple
I just need something to last.

And I need you in my arms
If I can't have memories.
I just need you to hold
When there are no guarantees.
And when my life's gone underseas
I just need you.
On your knees.
I need to know you'll want me
When everyone else leaves.

So hold my hand at night
When I know I'm all alone
Because this house is not my home
And it's never been my own
I have no where else to go
So I'm numbing to the bone.
But don't let me shut you out
Please, remind me how we've grown.

And its funny how you'll find
That the only truth there is
Is hiding in your kiss
Because you're the only one I'd miss.
Oh, I'm dying to go home
But I'm not sure where that is.

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I get excited reading your poem, Summer+++++++++++++ Congrats on being selected for the day+++++
A beautiful poem. In one way or another, we are all victims of human bondage.
Heart is full of love for him and needs him desperately. Nice poem. Simple and beautiful. Congratulations on being poem of the day.
Nice poem by real poet...i see more excitment in the library
lovely write, as for where our home is it is always where your heart lies.
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