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Poem By AHO Speaks

It must have been by the sea
For therein resides the dream in me.
The touch of the misty water
Another glimpse of the spiritual daughter.
To see her come and then to move
A painting or a picture hanging in the louvre.

Her fragrance of nature, so befitting a queen
A maker, director and a star; in the earthly scene.
Illuminated by the tiny minnow with its very own light
A presence significant to anyone's sight.
Clothed in the foam reaching the beach
A beaufiful princess just out of reach.

Occupants of this magnificent ocean
Food for life and a presence of perpetual motion.
Containing every size and description for man to subdue
Perpetually replenished by the giver for me and you.
The floor a carpet of sand with crystals so clear
Blue and white, similar to earth's atmosphere.,

Beautiful seas and grandiose oceans and my roots weep
A bounty of your harvest and you never do sleep.
You move silently and forever more
To become for me another door.
Your color and motion enter to touch my dream
My roots caress your presence within each scene.

11-06-05 Aho Speaks

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