Rope Ladder To The Moon

To be on the ropes
means not to let your head hang down
a phrase that shows a helpless show-down
a rising of an eagle in the opposite way
a rebirth of all you can say
a hang-over of troubles
that our world never has seen
a life that should be better
under the screen
a world without force
that occurs in our dreams
a life without answers by fire
that tie-up your realm
a rope not to be at one´s end of it
a mutual life that really exists
a rope that could bind our friendship forever
a connection that pass all times
not to say ever
a hand that hold our universal rope
through all your doubts and all over the globe
a hand that is like your own one
a freedom through all fire
that has been done
a love that expects nothing
than a human life
a rope that connects worlwide
all humans without any suspense
a rope that ties down my fence
twisted by love to make me proud
a rope that every existence allows
a rope not to bind, but to tie your love
a meaning of mankind
and a rise to above
a rope made out of light
a binding of energy
that is - forever alright.

All rights reserved
© Floy Dy Ra,11.14.2014

by Floy Dy (Floyd) Ra (Floydson)

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