Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


Rosacea is a little rose
that lives, in people, on their nose.
It's never welcome like a flower
and flares right up after a shower
so many cures have been invented
and doctors often are resented
when all they give is cortisone
which thins the skin through to the bone.
The cause is lack of stomach acid
so common in the not so placid
and worrying midlife civilians
the rose affects so many millions
but very few are told the cure
come see me and you'll know for sure.

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Comments (3)

Yes and no Mary. Alcohol does tend to aggravate rosacea but abstaining often matters little. The origin of r. is not clear, however, there most often seems to be digestive problems involved which in the end comes down to hypochlorhydria (relative lack of HCl production) . Most people benefit tremendously by treating the hypochlorhydria, a simple process. And Allan, to satisfy your curiosity I sent something to your inbox. Best wishes H
herbert just to know a bit more about this little rose, which i will find out when you email me with the cure it will be worth every point by the way very interesting Warm regards allan
Is that what makes most alcoholics face red around the nose/cheek area? Not the blood pressure-red face....I know that's different. Very informative poem Doctor. Thank you. Sincerely, Mary