tangled by the vines
thorns of thy venomous words
corroding, dissolving my heart
and melted hath I with the
bedazzlement of your vivid petals

of crimson, blood stained
love such forbidden, world of vain
the palpitations erupting, under the rosary
as to the heaven's extent
as our breathings,
accumulate by the bring of dusk

deny the moon, neglect the stars
embraced by the glacier's gale,
nay to fade, our warmth of seamed fingers
as if the cello played, relapsing the melodies
dance among the flowers
secret garden by the town's edge

only, us both
your red dress ignites the solemn night
thy blazing lips burns the scattered leaves
never to die,

never to die
even autumn and winter pass by
I long for you as ever these pure roses bloom.

by Julia and V

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