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Rosalynn Whose Heart I May Not Win

I saw a little rabbit bounce and play
While i was out golfing the other day
Close enough to see her fur's not brown
But white black gray she stood her ground
She contemplated me and I contemplated her
Five feet away i could taste her fine fur
The grass grew up around her above her little button nose
I saw it twitch and wiggle as it sniffed and rose
Pretty the way her fur mixed with grass so green
I stared into the softest eyes I've ever really seen
This tho' not a 'rabbit' in the truest sense
But a frail little maiden who hopped under this fox's fence
I've sat and watched this field for the longest while
To finally find a rabbit who smiles when I smile
It's tough to make great friends when it don't get cold
Cold weather you stick together and we all grow old
A rabbit is a fuzzy bundle of fur and fear
This is why holding one is held so dear
I know a bunny to love and hold above all others
Who knows how to nurture but never smothers
I long for a bunny whose heart I may not win
I long for this bunny whose name is Rosalynn

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She sounds like she is in direct line of fire to me Beau! Did she survive the blast? is a question that springs to hoppity Tai's mind. I noticed two fears in there, just a typo possibly. I did wonder about the title and why it is important not to win? Smiling at you, Tai