JB (07/01/89 / bellefonte pennsylivania united states)


You the rose whose blossum has yet to come
Yet still you could not blossum from the hate of your past
But still you easily outshine even the most beautiful rose
But even so the people don't care they will always run after
the other roses
But still even though their love already blossumed you outshine them
But still the gardner the only one to recongize this tries to plant
in with the most beautiful roses
And still you do not fit you may love all their beauty
But you do not have any thorns you are kind where they are not
You will smile and follow your dreams despite the anchors holding
You down
And still noone sees you the way i do
For you are unigue
The one and only one
Even if i am wrong even if i can't see them with these eyes
Blindid by such

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