For the mind is filled with turbulence
So like the dark side of the moon
Dark and cold
The restless souls seeks shelter from the storm
Her dreams are vivid
As she looks down into her soul
With the full moon beyond
Walk the valleys and dreams
And see a vision come undone
Tear through the heart
With the souls
And walk the night
Look at the twilight
And look at her life
The heavens reach out
So silent and blue
Look at the dreams
That fall in the night
Memories darken the thoughts
The winter moon captures the soul
As the cold sun reflects a past
Her once gentle souls seeks an answer
Searching for the truth in dreams
Always so dark and deep
Losing herself
To the sightless sounds
To break free of a past
That no longer haunted her
It was on a Saturday
Much like any other day
When life was rich
And dreams were made
Hearts held uncetainty
And a cold wind that blew
On a winters day
Too many thoughts
Too many crosses to bear
Rose Hill
A dreamer
A lover
Seeking a heart
That was too far away to touch
Dreaming of a life
That was so near
Embracing warmth
Losing herself to the night
Escaping in dreams
If only for the moment
If only for the night

by Amy Sasal

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that was amazing! i love the way you word things, it makes it sound enchanting. keep up the good work