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Misrepresentation By The Poison Given

Misrepresentation By The Poison Given
Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Tuesday, February 16,2016

Homage to those who woke up and resisted
We will never forget that you existed
So high to scale and so great to fall
Trumpet of freedom you heard the call
Never to anyone did you slander
Spoken words truly candor

Think before you drink the poison given
Three days later yet your soul still hasn't risen
False are the platitudes of moments communal
To rise in their eyes is just aberrational
The life you know hasn't been sensational
Nor has it even been to them inspirational

They won't remember the songs you wrote
In their speeches, you, they will never quote
Our diaspora they want to delegate to a footnote
Our passing into history they won't even dote

The pride expressed when a juvenile smiles
Roads wandered more than a thousand miles
Answers sought, but none ever was given
The moments past we were truly driven

Separate paths we've walked and talked
Doors seldom opened yet we still knocked
Opportunities few, it was all we knew
So much anguish we must still go through

Passing yards exhibiting the black jockey
Rarely paved smooth roads perilously rocky
Stunted growth yearning once more to be free
Yes they tried and lied, but couldn't stop me
Falsified pride worldwide for so many died
All eyes dried for they want us to backslide

Pale the horse veiled faces ride
By God's side, they claim to be allied
Behind cowls, cowards hide
They are dried inside and bent on suicide
The dawn brings the turning of a new tide

Another sequel that's separate but not equal
Stuck in reverse for the past they converse
To curse they thirst or something even worst
Historically unpleasant it was always for us
Complacent no longer segregated to the back of the bus
From oak trees, bodies limp in the heat still swing
Outrages expressed by no one for they refuse to say anything
Denied worldwide still no one cried for the black genocide

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a very good poem...gets 10 from smiling ASHKA