Rose Charm

Oh, how sweet the rose.
On and on its fragrance goes,
With a heavenly scent.
And when the heart is sore
(Pain, sorrow and more) ,
Causing one to lament—

Like a magic wand,
The rose lends a hand;
For it is such a mint.
Its beauty inspires,
(Of which one ne'er tires)
Leaving the heart content.

Its petals are gorgeous.
They subtly forge us
With their bold accent,
To embrace such presence
With a sense of reverence
And that, in any event.

The rose is for ages,
And yet engages—
Like a perfect gent.
It brightens the day
In such a way—
As if an 'agent' sent.

by Walterrean Salley

Comments (12)

My mother tried growing roses, we found it difficult, your writing about them makes it easy, there are no thorns hear just pure innocents and vitality.
Beautiful I really enjoyed this one so much. Keep Up The Great Work!
A beauty is a joy forever. Please try reading my love poems and comment as well. Thank you.
WS, this poem is so beautiful as roses. The last line is very impressive! Great!
The fumes is lingering to our mind after we reading this, so beautiful written by you salley, and rose always my fav flower in poetry or in examples of life...the flower that has great nature lesson keep it up_Unwritten Soul
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