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Rose Is A Rose
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Rose Is A Rose

Rose is a rose- said an english dramatist;
Every Mortals mind create its own quote for the say-
Rose is beauty when it is ornamented - a mind
Rose is queen of flowers - an another mind
Rose is a rose at all times though it wither- a thousand folks mind

What me the pagan gives?
Let the rose be a rose forever-
Never try to own the rose - love it;
Rose is beauty, queen of flower and a mortal flower has immortal values-
All the qualities will be degraded when it is molested.

We the people of earth has a mind to own or to disturb;
you young parenteers teach your child-
Not to disturb the garden flower, a caged animal, a vulnerable human;
Inhuman starts where there is owning and disturbing mind-
A child should earn his rose and should never force-

Be a human or call your Hades and surrender;
Human is more than a GOD - nature
Gaia, the mother, can make and also quell- beware mortals;
Be a human or call your Hades and surrender;
Let the rose be a rose forever......

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