Rose Love

With the bouquet of red roses,
I was standing in the desolate alley of my life,
My unkempt hair and untidy looks did not bother me,
My eyes were waiting to see you for the first time.

My dreams were composing you with red roses,
your face would be as cheerful as the rose blossom,
your lips would be red like the rose petals,
you would be tender and lovely as the rose itself,
your body fragrance would will fill the air with the scent of roses.

I saw your shadow coming close to me in dark,
your presence lighted the darkness in my heart,
you accepted the bouquet with thanks and smile,
I was all exalted and floating in my love paradise.

Our meeting lasted for a short while,
your laughter and smile filled my heart with joy,
you handed me a rose with the stem,
as the parting gift for remembrance.
The beautiful rose looked so pretty in my room,
It filled my heart with the sunshine of love and happiness.

Many days and nights have followed each other since then,
I have not heard from my lovely lady of rose for a while,
the wait for phone calls have been eternally long,
the rose has withered and lost its spirit,
The scattered rose petals on the floor,
reminds me of the remnants of my vanishing love.

by Jay P Narain

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