Rose Of August

Poem By Taher Shemaly

A soldier with heart in hand
A lonely woman with no one for a stand
Things just happen in this life afore
People just live and some just lived before
But a tear coming out of thee
It is indeed a tragedy
O ye, Rose of August Night

Damned let it be I say
That broke thy heart in such a play
Thy petals of that seldom beauty
Nothing for them, even gold in bounty
Let thy crown be higher than those of queens
Of lands seen and those behind scenes
Comparable not, O ye Rose of August night

Don't lose that tear my heart in beat
Heavens or hell I shall bring no matter how heat
Broken hearts can be mended with care
But my heart to whom shall it go in moments of scare
No way my diamond of heart can it follow
Until the green leaf of my youth shall become yellow
But only to you, my Rose of August night

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