Rose Of My Heart

The smell of sweetened honey
And the aura of the freshness of the night
Ran so close to my senseless nostril
Till I found out it was you

The drizzles of the early morning showers
And that never ending sunshine the day before
Brought out the beauty and blossomness
From your infectious belly

I stood bewildered, yet not afraid
I stood perplexed,
But still found time to savour your radiating beauty
That stretched forth to reach me
Like the ever illuminated bars of the rainbow

You bear thorns that injects my emotions with joy
And the rawness of you colours red and white
Distinguishes you from the pack
Oh! ! Rose of my heart

Your freshness, that never says adieu
And that inviting smell of yours, that welcomes me
To the door of your heart so friendly
Yet I still yearn for more of it my sweet rose

Your immaculate beauty and that ruby filled skin of yours
Returns me to you for more
More, more..............
oh! ! I can't get filled with your love
Rose of my heart

I've come, seen and do forgive me.....
For I've not conquered you my dear
But victors we're in love
The Rose of my heart

by Okeke Emmanuel

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