~archangel's Tune~ Pt.1

~Archangel's Tune~ pt.1

~ It was well into sunset when many of the students gathered into the school. The world was silent and still, almost like a storm roaring into the horizon. Lights all over the town were out and not a single soul stood. Trees stood without movement, and pin drops proved the quietness of the world. One girl whose tall structure, wandered around the are as if she were looking for something specific. Her eyes were a deep brown and glowed whenever her power surged. Her body was indeed young, but her mind belonged to one over their time on earth. As she walked into the darkened streets, she noticed that only one place had light and that was a simple school on standby. Not knowing what she would stumble upon, her steps drew near and her body aimed for the opened building.

Inside the school, her dark brown hair stuck to the back of her neck from nervousness and the palms of her hands grew moist and slippery as she reached around the corner of the long drawn out hallway. First step, was short and calculated. Second step, had just enough confidence to clear the hallway. Once the young girl turned the corner with her long tan pants and blue shirt, she noticed that she was not alone.

The learning facility was full of students, each having the same look; blank and soulless. Students all over the school were dressed in nice outfits and roamed the area as if there were not a care in the world. One girl was dressed in a purple and black dress. The black skirt of the dress was made from silk and formed perfectly over her body and the purple silk formed neatly over her stomach. Her heels were large, but easy to walk in and her hair was molded neatly around her tan neck. As the girl walked she turned and stared the under dressed female into the eyes with her blankly, soulless, white eyes. As she turned into the next hallway, the under dressed girl had to find out what was going on.

Each hallway was well defined with students everywhere; all dressed fancy and all with blank stares. What was found strange was the fact that not a single teacher occupied the area and the doors the the auditorium were chained locked as if forbidden to even be entered, but the school was well occupied. Some students made themselves comfortable with large instruments around the area. As the school filled with a wonderful sound, The girl froze at the sight of her one best friend.

Her friend had a wonderful taste in clothing and her hair at the time was bleeding red and hung as low as the top part of her lower back. Being the only other student in the school without a blank stare, her friend smiled as if in her own land and walked closely to her under dressed friend. Before question and conversation could be raised, the girls mother walked into the the school awaiting for her to leave.

At first, the mother was young and walked with a young and timid pace, then once the mother looked at the girl, her face began to change making her the age of 85, on a blue walker and even more timid than she was when walking into the school. The girl with the flaming hair did not really pay any attention to what had happened to her own mother. Instead she waved a goodbye and walked silently into the night. While she was walking away, the music stopped and every student looked over at the under dressed girl with tears of crystal covering the girl into an orb of sorrow.

Inside the orb was three sides to the girl; Human, Fallen angel, and and angel with wings the size of the earth. Once the girl broke free of the sorrow's curse, she walked aimlessly into the night, watching it turn slowly into sunrise.~

by Autumn VanBrown

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Just beautiful! ! Thankyou...Sharon.