Rose Of The Dark

There was a loud bang against her bedroom window waking her instantly. She was afraid to look beyond the curtain. Her heart racing as the sound traveled throughout the entire house. Gripping her blanket and pillow tight; she found the courage to slowly pull the curtain back. It was dark out and there appeared to be nothing there. She looked back at the clock but it was blurry. A shadow passed through the moonlit window but the image was out of focus. She didn't know who or what was out there in the dark. Her hands frantically searching on the nightstand for her glasses. The soft glow of the moon was the only light in the room. In a panic her glasses are knocked into the floor crashing down upon the wood surface floor. Blindly trying to find them she relies upon the sound to retrieve her lost spectacles. She felt something brush across the back of her neck as she slid the mangled frames upon her nose. Though it was hard not to make a sound; she remained quiet and still. Then the silence was broken by another loud crash. This time the sound came from the dining room down the hall. Soon after; she could hear the needle of the old record player as it met the vinyl surface. The crackling and popping of the player roared into her ears like thunder. Reaching for her gun she carefully walked down the dark hallway towards the dining room. She peeked around the wall but the room appeared to be empty except for the long stemmed red rose on the piano bench. Lightning filled the darkness, the thunder came soon after; and then she heard the notes of her favorite song being played on the piano. She witnessed with just enough lightning to see the keys of the piano playing by themselves a perfect Quasi una Fantasia; Moonlight Sonata.

Whatever or whoever it was playing her favorite sonata toyed with her emotions. She swayed to the sounds that were painfully intoxicating. In the doorway she watched in the darkness as she insanely danced while the keys pulsated through her mind. Lit by moonlight the piano seduced her and whoever conducted this madness was draining her senses. She was drunken by lust but tortured by love. The symphony played louder as her ears began to bleed. Such a master of magic and music; she was this monster's puppet and muse. Who or what could he be that has her to her knees? She crawls clawing her way across the wood of the floor. She swears she hears laughter as the the blood drips against the grain. Hysteria has awakened what she thought was dead inside of her. With the gun still in her hand; her body became numb. The house was still empty and all that consumed her now was her curiosity of the musical beast or curse that found its way inside her decrepit bones and into her heart shaped soul. The Moonlight Sonata continued to play until it reached its final end. As she finally reached the edge of the piano; a dark figure emerged from it and the rose that once occupied the bench was now flawlessly placed in her hair.

The sonata whispered her name making her delusional with intoxicating tendencies
She was becoming a woman trapped into knowing what must be
She dreamt the same dream over and over until she could no longer sleep
She danced with the symphony as the eccentric phantom controlled her feet
The curse of the moonlight kissed her lips
Soon there would be no more regrets
She was wild dark and free
Her crippled heart showed her what was meant to be
He then emerged from her heart shaped soul
Creating the music within magic she now knows
Betraying their own secrets, minds and true heart of the deepest, darkest parts
She become his Rose of the Dark

by Gianna Jett

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