Rose Of The Soil

Poem By Johnson Nwaubani

Out of the dirt you crept up to be
Out from the soil you rose up to be
As green as all that is hacked without a blink

Waving at the strolling wind
Smiling at the scourging sun
Greeting the swatting rain

You held on, till your innermost beauty was born
Growing to sway hats off men
Growing to sway hearts of men

With petals that pollinate the heart
And leaves it dripping with love
Your red lips have melted stony hearts

Your delicate eyes of beauty seem to comfort the dead
You have stunned the wind with fresh breath
You have caused the sun to wonder

And while the rain keeps wandering
All eyes see in you-the soils diamond
A glow that smiles, when all is said and done

A glow that makes lilies wish to be roses
A glow of the soil
A glow of natures wonder.

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