DD (28.07.1954 / Romania)


Searching for a speechless mediator,
a lover steals a red rose, with deep roots
in secret alliance by darkness and night,
illuminating the thorns with a flash-light.

Creeping ashamed in the park alleys,
he chooses the smaller of two sins,
rabbit-like loving – always in his mind
the holy book with four-leaf clovers,
pressed as lucky charm bookmarks,
in the belief he could secure his back –
namely the invisible side of the heart
through a simple count, and wash his hands
like a chestnut dropping on the sidewalk,
suddenly washed by melted hailstones.

If the trick with the flower succeeds,
hesitant as the eve, comes forgiveness...

by Dan Danila

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by darkness and night- what if you said in secret alliance with darkness and light, Dan? Wonderful imagery in this one.