AM (12 /09/1985 / Harare zimbabwe)



Im talking flowers
Not many but one,
Butterflies befriending at one venue,
The agenda is bloom and nectar,
Still everything is one in creation.

The sun glows with heat and light preceeding.
Looking around, one flower ornaments a daily proceeding.
Love lives let longer and never protruding.
It is beyond limit to fight the limits and still it keeps exceeding.

The sound of the night brings change yet serving a purpose,
When you look through the rays of the moonlight you see beauty.
During the dark nights, the stars still leaves no stone unturned.
At dusk they come in their numbers to navigate,
Who knows the type of scenery they chose,
Still, there is something in the beautiful flower.

In rain, vegitation wakes up,
So are things that emanate frm them.
With water there is life,
With roses there is life too.
Watch the bloom in it'health and feel the legacy of The earth.
None has seen any, the deceased still had to live another day just to witness.

And to her there is grace,
A love story waiting to happen
Talking about it ends in emotion
And a beauty queen but classfied among hundreds of them,
Named just a woman yet she serves more than that n my circles
And judged ordinary african yet i know she is a special kind....

There is more to say yet nothing can separate me from value,
Has been months now and still im waiting to empty years
Seek yee everywhere and find efforts naive
Her heart has a special place,
Her heart has a fairy kingdom
He heart has a chair and a bossom,
The only place you can find me.

Come in day
Come in moonlight
Come in the pattering rain
My rose will still keep me satisfied

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Comments (7)

Such a beautiful poem that is beautifully crafted. You've got magical hands dear poet. Thanks for sharing!
The nature symbolism liked it alot
nice observation and an interesting nature poem....thank you- 10
It's you guys who make Zimbabwe great keep the spirit Ally
Beautiful love poem, well articulated and elegantly brought forth from the heart with conviction. Lovely and very passionate. Thanks for sharing Alison.
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