Relationship Overload

At first love was all I ever showed
Then everything was fast and never slowed
Now my fast actions are about to erode
Overload, Overload
Relationship overload

I want to rewind and stay in slow mode
I once smiled and I once over-glowed
But I want to rewrite this fast episode
Overload, Overload
Relationship overload

I feel I want to explode
I don't like this journey on this fast road
My thoughts are written in secret code
Go slow is the way things should have flowed
I want to offload, I want to offload,

You are banned from my zip code
For attempting to debug my source code
When you cling, love can seriously decode
When you give to me a whole shipload
Once I glowed like it never snowed
With every step I took, happiness showed
I feel suffocated and my feelings have slowed
You are just a caseload, you are just a caseload,

You switched on my runaway node

Overload, Overload
Relationship overload
The time I have given you is all borrowed
As I reflect on the path of our crossroad
This love has taken its course and overflowed
Overload, Overload
Relationship overload

Copyright 2016 Lovina Sylvia Chidi

by Sylvia Chidi

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An interesting piece. Nicely written.