Roses Are Red

Roses are Red
Hydrangeas are blue
We have wed
I will be true

Roses are white
Daisies are yellow
We'll be alright
If we stay mellow

Roses are yellow
Peonies are pink
I'm a lucky fellow
‘cause you don't drink

Roses are black
Violets are violet
I'm on track
If I stay inviolate

by Spock the Vegan

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Comments (15)

Roses do come in various colors. I like what you did with this poem. Very nice.
Contrast and varieties are spice of life.We love rose and its color red.But that does not lessen the importance of other flowers and other colors. An insightful poem though written in simple diction.
we all write about roses only why not because roses are red but in existence and beyond like roses are never dead in library books they still survive and then only these lovely roses bring back sleepy hidden memories alive roses never die
A love y poem. Well thought out. Takes our thinking beyond the ordinary.Thanks for sharing.
This is a beautiful poem written in praise of roses of a variety of colours as well as other flowers known for their unique fragrance or colour. Thank you, Mr Spock.
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