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Roses For Feet
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Roses For Feet

A rose of any colour smells as sweet
as you, with the exception of your feet.
May I suggest you plant inside your shoes
some roses, blacks and reds and also blues.
It would improve the status of your feet
and even cold, our feet will need to meet
before the honeymoon when they'll be close
can you imagine, girl, a rose between your toes?

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Comments (5)

Wonderful sense of humor here Herbert in plain clothes you must be a laugh a second a truely positve verse but what would she do with the thorns. Cheers Sylvie
you make me laugh out loud: much to the scorn of the Boss above. Great verse Herbert. Thank you.
This sounds quite a lot like Ogden Nash. Very clever, very visual, and the olfactory sense does come to play. Good job, Herbert! Raynette
Yes...smelly feet are all too common. Good poem.
A true problem for many! Love the visual. Sincerely, Mary