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Roses Of Joy
SP (9/1/1996 / Kolkata)

Roses Of Joy

Poem By Sohini Pal

Children have so much to learn
Then only they can earn
a place in this huge world-
But there are things
the grown-ups dont know
But the children-they can show
These simple things to them.

Once a boy came to a flower shop
The shopkeeper asked 'What do you want? '
'A beautiful bouquet?
A nice little plant?
Or a garland of tulips
nice and fresh? '

'I want a rose' said the boy
The man was 'mazed
'There are lots of blossoms
fresh and wild
You want only rose-why my child?

I was also there
And I wondered what
the boy will reply

'These are the roses of joy
dont you know?
It makes me so happy
I sit with these flowers
and think for hours...
And the thorns which are there
they also share-
some earnest thoughts with me
That to gain something good
There must be courage-which you should
have, to overcome all the hurdles
which are there like the thorns-
of the roses
These are the roses of joy'-
says the boy

Then I knew that there are things
The grown ups dont know
They dont think in that way
But the children- they can say
These simple things to them.

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Comments (3)

The two sides of life are very well brought out. Such a matured observation in such an young age is joyful. All the best. Nice expression, nice verse.
good poem nicely penned -10 anjali
apart from a few spelling mistakes i like the idea that you have written about - keep up the writing, and do a spell check to make sure what you post is complete.