Roses, Roses Everywhere!

Poem By Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

A rose in hand looks so much beautiful;
A garland too is grand and gorgeous;
But roses strewn en way is utter waste;
Bouquets aplenty turns a common sight!

A garden having roses of one type,
Is like a lawn or carpet, not too good;
A garden with variety of roses
Is feast to eyes that watch their hues and shapes.

Too much of anything undoes effects;
A single petal yet, looks wonderful;
A mound of roses is no treat to eyes;
A rose given from heart with love is great!

How beautiful God made Mother Nature,
And clothed each flower in robes of grandeur!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 18-10-2015

Comments about Roses, Roses Everywhere!

'A mound of roses is no treat to eyes; A rose given from heart with love is great'! Liked these lines. good write 10+
even a small rose deserves our adoration or its great Creator!

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