When you reach that other world, don't become a cloud,
don't become a cloud, and the bitter star of dawn,
so that your mother knows you, waiting at her door.
Take a wand of willow, a root of rosemary,
a root of rosemary, and be a moonlit coolness
falling in the midnight in your thirsting courtyard.
I gave you rosewater to drink, you gave me poison,
eaglet of the frost, hawk of the desert.

by Nikos Gatsos

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I gave you rosewater to drink, you gave me poison //// Oh; the earth gives us pleasant surrounding but now we give this earth a poisonous concrete and riot of peoples!
Fantastic trauma to articulate poetic beauty. Good poem.
a star in the sky of poetry, whom nothing boring touches. MM
The poem's a bit odd too.
What is this strange review below this?
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