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Rosie Has A Fantasy

Often when you lie alone you think of something wild
Dirty thoughts you never thought when you were just a child
You think about a woman lying next to you in bed
Whose hands are tied with silky rope and up above her head
It's not your fault cause she agreed to play this little game
It's just a dream and heck she doesn't even have a name
You tickle her and tease her as she lays there looking sweet
She asks you if you'll hurt her as you tickle both her feet
You nod, she gasps, you pause because the waitings half the game
You envy her your victim cause you know she digs the pain
It's time to start the torture as you show your bag of lore
Her eyes grow wide with fear as she discovers what's in store
You pull out a large oblong toy with nodes upon it's tip
She squeals and wiggles restlessly as you touch it to her lip
Its nothing like the games she played when she was only five
Cause what you have just done to her has made her cum alive
She'll realize with tears in her eyes what she had once been told
Love will make you hottest when your lover's acting cold
You finally untie her and you let her have her way
But you'll never regret the animal wet you brought to life today.

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