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Rosy Is As Dear As
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Rosy Is As Dear As

She is as dear as budding lotus.
She is as dear as fairyland lass.
Her heart as gentle as divine heart,
She is all in one in all heart.
She is as dear as twinkling stars.
She is as dear as dreamland lass.
Her smile as elegant as innocent flower,
Every body says, she is an angle’s daughter.
And her eyes, she turns like shooting star,
Listening melody flute of sheepherders
And from heaps of clouds, she peeped.
From that day sweet smile,
And aroma I read.
She is as dear as greatest artist art,
Everybody murmurs marvelous,
Emerald statue lass,
And poet undying care and admiration
While writing verse, smile and aroma reaction
And in her devotion, no other imagination
Everybody says her beauty glow ever.
By word to praise,
Gazal and poem have no power.
She is as dear as rising sun scene.
In every heart her smile and fragrance,
Remained and glimmer ever.
Like sentimental orphic flute playing or gazal.
And everyone frantic and feel,
Day sight or dream girl,
She is as dear as debonair lotus.
She is as fair as azure white cloud
Lonely she walked, followed midday sun,
She admired the poor shepherd’s son.

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