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Route 66 Festival
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Route 66 Festival

Poem By Marilyn Lott

t’s a famous road called Route 66
An exciting place to travel
So many things along the way
Even mysteries can be unraveled

Transportation took an enormous leap
And it was needed so very much
Along that road you’ll find many things
That gives a wonderful touring touch

Yes, it’s famous, but I’m sure you know
If you drive that treasured route
You’ll find unique stores and history
And will see what I’m talking about

So because of ’66 importance
There’s a festival every year
Folks bring their old vehicles
The ones that they hold dear

There are art shows, flying cycles
Delicious food is everywhere
It’s a festival like no other
Just like the grandest fair

Come on by, folks and take the day
Bring your kids and relatives
You won’t believe till you see
What Route 66 Festival has to give!

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